How Divorce and Family Mediation Works

Divorce mediation at Divorce & Family Mediation of Little Neck, Ltd., is a voluntary, non-adversarial, dispute resolution option open to divorcing, divorced or unmarried partners who are in a dispute that requires resolution.Through a structured process, the parties are helped to reach a self-determined and reasonable agreement by a trained neutral third party, a mediator.

In divorce litigation both parties suffer financially and emotionally. The children become the innocent victims of their parents hostilities. The costs of divorce litigation can “wipe out” or seriously deplete the couple’s savings. The expenses of litigation can best be utilized for the children’s education costs, or necessary costs of the parents.

Through divorce mediation, you will experience guidance to a mutual and fair agreement package; a safe environment where you can express your needs; education for the decisions that you need to make; mediation of any areas of disagreement, with an offering of alternatives for you to consider.

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